06 August 2005

Unterländer Volksfest

The web site I host my blog photos on, Flickr, has been behaving very badly for me lately, in that many pictures will refuse to load. After reading thru the bug forms and helping with debug, it seems to be happening mostly to people in Germany with the same ISP (the largest ISP in the country) as me. So, anyone on Deutsche Telekom that is reading this, sorry yau can't see the pictures, but you have all been to a Volksfest before and have seen a Maß, so there really isn't much new for you to see. Of course, I also can't see the photos, I just have to assume that everything looks right.

Drunken Allanimal 1
As you can see, I am not letting the lack of a fully functional Flickr facility affect my fun. (PS: I like alliteration)

Ein Maß
And Jeannette is enjoying it too. Actually, the Unterländer Volksfest has been going strong for a week before I dragged my camera there. Since we live about 10 minutes by foot from the fest, we have spent many evenings there this last week, with our very complex buy-one-get-one-free coupons, so we have been drinking vast quantities of beer quite cheaply, with the added benefit of frest air and social interaction.

I mentioned that the coupons are complex. That is because there are at least 3 different versions floating around out there, each valid on different days and with different redemption value (some are half price beer & chicken, some are bogo beers only). We ran into a problem one night when we brought coupons that were good for the wrong day.

Starting Them Young
I like this picture. No, the baby is not drinking beer. But it is still funny in the context of the beer fest.

Woman at the Volksfest
Moving on from the very young, we can see that older people can also enjoy the fest. Again, don't ask me why, I just enjoy this picture.

Finally, this one is for Heguy. Do you know Buffalo Bill? What about Col. Sanders?
Is that Buffalo Bill or Col. Sanders?


At Monday, 08 August, 2005 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,

Just stopped by to see what was happening - looks like you are having fun.

More when we get home.

"Dad & Steply Ugmother"

At Thursday, 11 August, 2005 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

those beers are giant! WOW! - shel

At Thursday, 11 August, 2005 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

can we get beers like that here????nick..they do make bugs less annoying


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