05 August 2005

Taste of Caribic

Yesterday we went to a store we normally don't go to, becasue this store had a sale on fire extinguishers and Jeannette thought we should get one. We walked there after work, and I was feeling hungry, so I popped over to the candy aisle to grab something to help keep me functional until we got home and could cook dinner.

I came across this bag of candy that had a nice picture of chocolate balls, a half coconut and a parrot on it. I immediately thought of the almond joy bites you can get in the states, and grabbed it.

After popping one in my mouth, I was quite surprised. Imagine, if you will, an Almond Joy, but instead of the almond in the middle, there is a pocket full of pure rum. That would explain the "Rum Coconut" on the bag. It is actually quite nice, when you are expecting it.

I am still trying to figure out what "Taste of Caribic", the other writing on the bag, means.


At Thursday, 25 August, 2005 , Anonymous Carrie said...

Wow! That would never happen in the States! Maybe that's why you were so surprised (as I would be)? Sure, we've got rum-filled candies, but they're sold at specialty stores for an arm and a leg, not like Butterfinger BBs. (It can be fun when the totally unexpected happens.)

Do you think "Taste of Caribic" could be some form of Caribbean? Just looked up Caribbean on Dictionary.com to check my spelling (it was wrong, of course) and one of the def'ns is "relating to the Carib or their language or culture." Learn somethin' new every day!


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