17 October 2005

The Curse of Stuttgart

The plan was to spend a Sunday in Stuttgart. Despite how close it is, we had only been there together once before, about 18 months ago, and it wasn't much fun since I got sick somehow. We were a bit lazy getting out of the house, and we ended up missing the first train, so we had a half-hour to wait for the next one. That meant I had some time to take pictures in the train station, which is always fun.

Part of the reason that we were late is that every ATM within a short distance of our house was out of order, so we had to look up where the "Cash Pool" machines are in Stuttgart. So, after taking care of that, we proceeded to the Schloßplatz, which does have a couple of castles hanging out there, but there are actually more fountains.

The weather was beautiful. That wonderful autumn not-too-hot-and-not-too-cold weather, with clear skies.

We wandered just a small part of this vast city, and after several hours it was time to find a place to have dinner. Our rather old guidebook recommended an area of town, so we headed there. At first it didn't seem promising, but eventually we stumbled across a Vietnamese restaurant. One thing I have been missing in Germany is Vietnamese Noodle Bowls (Bun). The Vietnamese restaurant in Heilbronn doesn't have them, neither did the one we found in Dresden. So I was elated to find one in Stuttgart. And it was quite yummy.

But, the curse of Stuttgart (for us) continued. On the way back to the train station, Jeannette missed a step and fell down, twisting her ankle. So, I helped her hobble back to the train station, with small pause to take a picture of the moon peeking over the Neues Schloß.

The Moon and Neues Schloß


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