08 October 2005

Luzern or Lucerne. Take Your Pick.

Luzern at Night
After leaving Julie in Basel, we hopped on a train to Luzern. In our hastily planned couple of days in Switzerland, we picked it for it's location and our outdated guidebook's indications that there might be something nice to see there.

Wow, what a great looking town. It has this "wow-factor" with the towers and wooden bridges and stuff that makes me think that Luzern was very reluctant about leaving the middle ages.

Jail or Hotel?Slammer!
As I mentioned earlier, in what I thought was a very amusing way (but apparently not, because of the complete lack of comments about it) we spent the night in the old city jail, which had been converted into a hotel. The rooms were small and barren, but served their purpose - a warm, dry place to sleep.

One interesting thing about Luzern is that I heard more English spoken there than anywhere else in contenental Europe. It was actually pretty strange. But I tried to ignore most of it, since the majority of things I heard were stupid things that oblivious American tourists say. Take this, for example:

American Tourist Woman: Oooh, look. They buy their fruits and vegetables outside.
Tour Guide: Yes, some people prefer to shop at the markets, but are only here every Monday and Thursday.
American Tourist Man: What if I get hungry on Wednesday?

I had to force myself to pretend that I didn't understand them. Taking pictures at the market helped.

There were some nice, shaggy cows in Luzern
And some buildings with character.
And one of the old wodden bridges has a series of paintings called "The Death Dance".
Here are a couple samples:
Totentanz 6
Totentanz 9
Totentanz 15

It was a fun trip. Luzern would have been nicer if the weather wasn't cold and cloudy, and it was even worse because the sun came out about 15 minutes after the train left Luzern. It seems like there is a lot of stuff to do in Swizerland, so perhaps we'll be back. Heck, we might just get hungry and have to get down there for the market on Monday.



At Sunday, 09 October, 2005 , Blogger Stefan said...

Luzern really is a nice place - I was there for a day in June and really enjoyed it. The lake and river were especially nice, although I found it slightly unnerving that the water was so clear and clean it seemed unnatural.

I don't know about Luzern, but my impression in Zurich is that there is more English spoken than you'd normally expect. It is, of course, good for me because it means that there'll be a language to communicate in, seeing how I'm hopeless at understanding even the slightest amount of Swiss German.

Switzerland really is a very interesting country - I haven't seen all that much myself, but I can't wait to explore more...


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