19 February 2006

My New Favorite Candy

I haven't tried them yet, but from the makers of the famous Gummi Bears, there are gummi "Asses with Ears".

What will they think of next? (I am sure that the Simpsons are not far off with the Gummi "Venus de Milo".)

From Haribo's press release: Haribo "A... mit Ohren" are amusing 'mallow' [Allanimal's note: candy kind of like circus peanuts] behinds with funny colored fruit gummi ears in red, green & orange. ... As opposed to other products [this] is characterized by its extravagant appearance [Allanimal's note: does that mean they look good but taste like... hmmm ... maybe ass & earwax?].


At Monday, 20 February, 2006 , Anonymous naomi said...

they are really funny pressed up against the plastic walls. ha ha ha!


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