29 January 2006

Ramen Noodles

Another weird thing about Germany. Instead of one packet of powdery stuff in the Ramen noodle packages as found in America, here there are 4 packets. One is the powdery stuff, one is dehydrated vegetables, one is spiced oil and one is chili powder.

Opening all those packets adds about 50% to the time required to make Ramen...


At Monday, 30 January, 2006 , Anonymous Steven said...

Huh, I just had a little soupy thingy like that a few days ago. It was a Thai rice-noodle dish, with a packet for dried mushrooms, a packet of oil, a packet of flavor-powder, and, just to add to the plastic load in the landfill, a packet for all the other packets to go in.

Good soup, though.

Was your ramen about the same kinda price as cheapo ramen around here ($0.30), or like my Thai stuff ($2)?

At Sunday, 05 February, 2006 , Blogger Allan said...

Closer to the cheap ones.
I think they were about 50 cents.

And as for the landfill, the packaging is "Grüne Punkt" (green dot), which means it can go into the "Gelber Sack" (yellow sack). Which means it gets recycled.


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