08 November 2006

Hello from Singapore


I have been in Singapore since Monday night, and the Jet Lag is nearly gone. So far, the work part of the trip (the real reason I am here) is going well. We may even finish early (but I won't count the chickens too early...).

The picture above is the view from my hotel room balcony, on the 35th floor of a 70 storey building. I didn't have a tripod, so it is a bit blurry and noisy. There is also some blur because I forgot about how glass tends to fog when moved from an air-conditioned environment (my hotel room) to a hot, humid environment (the balcony). Oops.

Last night we were entertained by a Singaporean, who took us to an incredible seafood restaurant. He ordered all the food, and it was all quite incredible. We sampled at least 6 dishes, with great names like drunken prawns, bamboo clams (this one contains enough garlic to make the Vampires run for the next time zone!), black pepper crabs and butter crawfish.

It was all very good, and stuff that I would never would have ordered on my own. I like to tell myself I will eat anything, but I tend to be a big weenie about ordering stuff. I get what I know I will like too often, rather than diving in and trying something new. So it was nice to have someone make that decision, because if I looked at the menu, I probably would have found something boring to eat instead of the exciting stuff we got to sample yesterday.

This trip is a big bunch of firsts and record breakers for me. First time in Asia. Closest I've ever been to the equator (slightly more that 1 degree away). Farthest east (until I hit the Phillipines on Sunday). I just wish Jeannette could be here to experience it all with me.

Well, I am on my lunch break at work, so I should probably get back to work. We're hoping to have our stuff done tomorrow, so we can take Friday off and have some fun.



At Wednesday, 08 November, 2006 , Anonymous naomi said...

actually, I like the way the photo turned out. that's a really beautiful city shot.

Prawns! Aieeee! I'm a total weenie when it comes to exoskeletons on my food.

At Thursday, 09 November, 2006 , Anonymous Jan said...

Allan, so glad to know that you made it okay to Singapore. Our friends, Janet and Bruce, were there on vacation a few years ago and had a great time. Just make sure you don't put gum on the sidewalk! And don't work too hard.


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