09 June 2005

You Could Also be My Son!

Darth Vader: You could also be my son!

OK, Star Wars Episode III has been out for a while now, so this is a bit late, but I'm gonna do it anyway. Saw this in Dresden Neustadt a couple weeks ago. It says "You could also be my son." Which is kinda cool in that "For an evil person, Darth Vader is really cool" way. Who, as a kid, after they got over the initial fear, wouldn't want Vader as a father. Some other kid messing with you at school? Dad can give him the force choke thing. The little leagee umpire makes a bad call? Dad can cut his "you're out" thumb off with his light saber. Late for school? Dad could get you there in no time in his T.I.E. fighter. Teacher gives a bad grade on your excellent (naturally) book report? Have dad command the Death Star to annihilate his house. The possibilities are endless. The downside would be getting help with math homework. It would be hard to concentrate on fractions with all that heavy breathing.

Speaking of Darth Vader, I read an interesting review of Episode III lately, and I really like (part of) what he says about Vader (note - the review has some strong language):

Darth Vader, a man so [expletive deleted] evil that three year olds [pee] their pants when they hear his name. As we all know from the other star Wars movies, Vader is like an intergalactic Mussolini, with the ridiculous Italian fashion sense, but a bigger asshole.
And as corny as Darth Vader is, he's a great villain. As long as someone's going to be pure evil, Vader's as good as it gets. Someday, all those losers who say they worship Satan just to get back at their parents are going to make up a Church of Darth Vader and kill feral cats in his name. At the same time, though, Vader has charisma, and you know he gets laid. A lot. So you gotta admire him.


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