04 July 2007

If It Seems Dreary Around Here...

...My Flickr account expires soon, and I decided not to renew it.
Too many of my friends have left due to recent troubles(see my last post), and it just isn't fun for me anymore.
I am looking for an alternative. So far,ipernity is winning. But it's hard, because the workflow tools for uploading are not there, there are no groups yet, etc.

Anyway, because of that, I decided to delete most of the photos on Flickr that aren't interesting, so that the 200 that Flickr allows in a non-paying account will at least be somewhat interesting. So far I have whittled the over 2000 photos down to 399, so about 50% more have to go. I'll wait a few days for that...

Anyway, many of the photos on my blog have been deleted since they were hosted at Flickr. I'm sorry. But it had to be done. Maybe some day I will replace the photos somewhere else. And some day, maybe, I will feel like sharing new photos again.

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