31 October 2008

A New Perspective on the Moon Landing Hoax

Homo-Sapiens Museum

I spotted this sign as were were driving around Crete. We didn't go inside, maybe I should have.

I am trying to understand how Homo-Sapiens evolved from caves on the moon, and I started to think about all the people that think the moon landings were faked. And then it hit me! Maybe, since it all happened so long ago, obviously we are just remembering things differently (hoax believers vs. non-believers), but we're all remembering it wrong. They weren't moon LANDINGS, but launches. The humans that evolved from caves on the moon colonized the Earth, about 40... no 6000... no 200,000 years ago.

Or something. Maybe they had a pair of all other animals on board as well. And it wasn't Neil Armstrong, it was Noah Armstrong!

Like I said, I should have gone in to see what was up.

Hopefully, it is just a mistake made by someone writing in their 2nd or 3rd language (I know I make enough mistakes in my 2nd language, sometimes to hilarious effect). I really, really, hope that there aren't people out there that think humans evolved on the moon.

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Watching the Stars for 10 Minutes.

Starry Night

This is what happens when you put your camera on a tripod at night in late October in eastern Crete away from (most) light pollution, set the lens to 24mm, angle it towards the sky (around 45 degrees), open the aperture to 2.8, focus on infinity, and leave the shutter open for nearly 10 minutes (583 seconds).

I think Carl Sagan was right about how many stars there are out there. The photo doesn't do it justice, but outside of the city like that, on a clear night, I could believe there are billions and billions and billions of stars out there.

UPDATE: I'm not happy when I reread that last paragraph. I know Carl Sagan is right - there are billions and billions and billions of stars out there. I loved watching his show "Cosmos" on PBS when I was a kid. Living in the city, sometimes I forget that there are more stars than those that make up Orion and the Big Dipper. That night in Crete reminded me how many there are, and it was especially cool to be able to point out the "milky way" to Jeannette, who had never really looked at it before.

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30 October 2008


One of the first things I noticed in Crete is that Heraklion has a lot of graffiti. And a lot of it is quite nice.

Now if I could just get someone who understands Greek to tell me what they say...

Building Squeeze

No Bombs Allowed

Flaming Fist



Kung Fu!

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17 October 2008

Opium For Your Ears; Whiskey For Your Soul

Opium For Your Ears; Whiskey For Your Soul

Firewater Poster acquired after their show on 16.10.2008 at Cafe Central in Weinheim, Germany.

It was great, I recommend seeing it when they come to your neighborhood, or anywhere within 100 km. The only bad thing was that it wasn't long enough. Oh, and that the opening band started way later than they should have. But you can't really fault Firewater for that.

Set List:
Hey Clown
Bhangra Bros.
Already Gone
Chi Cha
Bourbon & Division
Electric City
Get Out Of My Head
Weird To Be Back
Three-Legged Dog
"The Tuning Song" - Tod A. (silently) tuned his guitar while the other 5 played.
This Is My Life

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12 October 2008

Hanson Brothers Set List

Hanson Brothers Set List

Hanson Brothers set list from their show on 11.10.2008 at Cafe ExZess in Frankfurt (Main), Germany.

My Game
Duke It Out
Stick Boy
100 + 10%
Night W/o
I Know You
No Emotion
Third Man In
Hockey Song
+Enjoy Y-self
Let's Go Out
Get Right Back
++They Made Her
Head Cheese
Road Pizza
Sudden Death

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