22 September 2005

Short Vacation

Looking Up!

We took a short vacation last week to the very southwestern corner of Germany and to a couple places in Switzerland. The first day we spent in Freiburg, which was a lot of fun, because it brought back memories from the first time I took a trip with Jeannette.


20 September 2005

In the Slammer!

Jeannette and I just got home from a short vacation, part of which ended up with us spending the last two nights in a Swiss prison. And let me tell you, they don't make their prisons like their cheese - full of holes!

It all started as a plan to meet Jeannette's friend who happened to be at a conference in Switzerland. We would meet in Basel, which is on the border with Germany and Switzerland.

We went a couple days early, and played around in Freiburg and Breisach, a couple of cities in southern Germany. We met Jeannette's friend, as planned, and had a great time in Basel. Then, she had to return to the US, and Jeannette and I decided to stay in Switzerland and hopped on a train to Luzern.

Luzern is an incredibly beautiful city, even with the totally crappy weather we had. I'll try to get some pictures up soon.

OK, enough babble. You want to know how it came to be that we spent two nights in a Swiss prison. Well, I won't bore you with all the little details, but it turns out that the cheapest hotel I could find in Luzern was converted from a prison just a few years ago.

So, there you have it. The sordid tale of a young couple and the hard time they did in the big house.


06 September 2005

Rainbow in the Dark


Double Rainbow

It started raining really hard while Matthias and I were in the hotel bar playing pool. When it let up, we left to try to find some food and we were amazed by this awesome rainbow. I wish I had my really wide-angle lens with me, so I could have captured the complete effect.

The pictures really don't convey how cool this was, especially since you can barely see that it was actually a double rainbow.

Lions & Skunks & Bears, Oh My!

Mountain Lion in Area

For the last week I have been back in Coloroado Springs on a business trip. During my free time, I have been driving around with co-workers who haven't been here before, and we have had so many animals run across the path of our vehicle, that I am starting to wonder if we accidentally drove through the zoo or something.

Day 1: Skunk
Day 2: Deer
Day 5: Cows, prarie dogs and a black bear (it darted right in front of us and we had to slam on the breaks to avoid hitting it)
Day 7: More deer

The above sign was posted on day 6, informing us of another animal to watch out for.

I will be here another 4 days. Hoepfully I won't see any rhinos or giraffes on the road.