12 May 2008

Border Momation, Stop Their Portation!

Border Momation, Stop Their Portation!

OK, so it is probably not the sprayer's native language, so I tend to cut them a bit of slack, but I'm not really sure what this means. Unlike most graffiti with spelling or grammar mistakes, I can't even guess.

Just for thoroughness, I googled "Border Momation, Stop Their Portation!" and got zero hits. I narrowed it to the individual words:

Momation seems to be the same of a rap and/or hip-hop performer (sorry, I am bad with musical genres), who has a channel on youtube.

Wiktionary defines "portation" as the act of carrying something or the act of porting software.

OK, with that information, the meaning still isn't clear.

Apparently "Portation" is also a plugin for the Archos TV+ that streams live TV from your TV+ to a laptop, Symbian phone or handheld Archo 605 or 705 with DVR station. Maybe it is a protesting the streaming of Momation's videos (or more likely, live performances) to mobile devices. But the "border" is not needed then. Unless it is international streaming.

Maybe there is an alternate definition of "Border" I don't know about. Or maybe it is a typo. Border should be Broader or something. In that case, maybe it is a plea to stop distributing Momation's work to a wider audience.

Either way, it is a very specific complaint for a sprayer...

At any rate, after this post is online, at least anyone googling for "Border Momation, Stop Their Portation!" should get a hit.

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07 May 2008

Send Your Name to the Moon

So it isn't likely that the common people like me and probably you will be going to the moon any time soon. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, to be launched by NASA later in 2008, will be doing the next best thing - taking your name to the moon.

Unless you are worried about interplanetary spammers or identity thieves getting your name and home planet, then sign up!

Allanimal on the Moon


06 May 2008

Starting May with a Bang!

Jeannette's Birthday Convertible.

So, for Jeannette's birthday, we rented a convertible and drove up to the Harz mountains to hang out in Quedlinburg and the surrounding area. It's the first time we have ever been in the state of Sachsen-Anhalt (which, in my humble opinion, translates to "Sexy Hitchhike", but you probably won't find that in a dictionary.)

Free Beer!

We had a lot of fun, because the weather was perfect for a convertible, plus we just happened to be in the right place at the right time for the tapping of the keg for a spring festival that was sparsely attended, so we got to have several free beers. I was a bit surprised, because Jeannette kept saying "Faßanstich" and I thought she meant "Fasanenstich", and I wondered when the birds were coming out. Not that I wanted to see pheasants getting stabbed, but Jeannette seemed excited about it, and it was her birthday so I was rollin' with it. The free beer was a pleasant surprise. (For the non-Germans, the confusion was between "Faßanstich"="keg tapping" instead of "Fasanenstich"="Pheasant Stabbing". For the Germans, I know they don't really sound that much alike, but I like punning, spoonerizing and playing on words in English, and I decided to start trying it in German, too).

Anyway, we had a great weekend, and would write more but dinner is ready, so you'll just have to wait. Here are some pictures to keep you occupied till then.

Golden Field of Rape

Faßanstich at the 1. Quedlinburger Frühlingsfest.

Field of Rape Plants



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